General Medicine Practice


Covid-19 restrictions

If you have any of the following symptoms: cough, breathing difficulties, loss of taste or smell, cold symptoms or sore throat; please contact one of the doctors by phone before making an appointment.
Please take your mask with when you come to your appointment.
The patients can be accompanied by one person maximum.

Blood Test 

Non urgent blood tests can be performed before 10AM with an appointment.
To check your results, you can book an appointment or call us from Monday to Friday between 12h30PM — 1PM.

Covid Tests

If you need to take a covid test, contact us before in order to book an appointment.

House Calls

House calls are possible but in order to keep it practical, please call your general practitioner before 10AM to arrange it.

On-call doctors

If you need to consult a doctor during weekdays (Monday to Thursday) between 6PM — 7AM, please call the following number:
If you need to consult a doctor during weekends (Friday to Sunday) or bank Holidays, please contact the local on-call center by calling 1733.

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